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Technical information:

    Customized design, both for sizes and shapes and for colours.


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*Structure: Hot-dip galvanised steel tube of Ø 6” (164mm) and height 5m

*Shade material: Micro-perforated canvas (textile structure of PVC) of 350 gr/m²


Sunlight and a light breeze are very pleasant, but sometimes, especially on hot days, we are glad about a place of retreat.

Our sun sails are elements that provide the necessary shade and protection for sunny days.

Sun sails are ideal for children’s playgrounds and for other outdoor spaces which require shadow: squares, sports grounds, schoolyards, terraces

Outdoor surfaces of malls, hotels, parking spaces and places at the beach, etc. can be shaded as well.

Conceived to alleviate UV radiation and solar heat, our sun sails are a very versatile and aesthetic way to shade places from the sun.





Shade material

Micro-perforated canvas (textile structure of PVC):

- Protects from the sun while offering low wind resistance.

- Reinforced with perimeter cable for higher robustness and durability.




Wide range of colour options to choose, fitting to the environment.



Customized shapes to fit any size and space.

The design depends on the number and distribution of the fixation points.

Large variety of shapes according to the needs.


Fixation systems

The fixation points will be defined in accordance with the requirements of the site.



Hot-dip galvanised steel tube of Ø 6” (164mm) and height 5m.

Sun sails are tensioned with a little inclination considering the course of the sun, getting the desired shade.



- Our sun sails block up to 95% from the sun’s UV rays, reducing considerably the harmful effects on the skin.
- The micro-perforated fabrics allow the free circulation of air. The heat isn’t retained below the shade, the temperature gets comfortable. Ventilated areas with cooling effect!
- Wide colour options for further customization.
- Shapes completely made-to-measure.
- Modern designs creating contemporary spaces.
- The sun sails are easy to install and to remove.
- The fabric is easy to clean with high pressure water.
- High resistance: the structures are designed to withstand strong winds.
- Long durability: Realising the periodic cleaning, the average life is 7 to 10 years. The PVC thread and the seam with cable prevent ripping or getting torn.