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Technical information:


    1047 x 30,5 x 120 cm.


*Structure: Hot-dip galvanized steel tube

*Platforms: Phenolic nonslip plywood 15 mm

*Reinforcement panels and battens: HDPE (High-density polyethylene) Play Tech 13 and 19 mm.

*Screws: Galvanized steel


Agility-Dog Walk composed of structure of steel tube 60x40x2mm and phenolic nonslip platforms which form three sections (ascent, central superior part, descent) of 3,60m length each one. The inclined sections are additionally equipped with battens.

Exercise: The dog has to traverse completely the walkway, climbing up at one side and descending the other side, without leaving the walkway by jumping before reaching its end.
Skills: Balance, ability, strength and obedience of the dog.

Designed following the Agility regulation’s guide lines defined by the F.C.I. (World Canine Organisation)