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Technical information:

    * Holds: 3 x 50L.


    72,5 x 67 x 120 cm.


* Bin and cover: High density polyethylene

* Support: Polyethylene with steel core

* Post: Hot-dip galvanized steel




Set of three bins for the recycling of different type of waste.
Bins and covers made of high density polyethylene. Support for the fixation of the bin made of plastic reinforced by metal core. Installation post that also joins the three bins made of hot-dip galvanised steel of Ø80x2mm.
Emptying can be realised by unhooking the bins with a triangular wrench.
The bins are impact-resistant, break-proof and weather-proof. The bins dispose of vertical grooves which prevents placing stickers on it. The covers are of a convex rounded shape which protects the interior of rain water. The opening permits littering the waste from all sides in it.
The bins are of grey colour, so it is very easy to replace them after their service life. The covers are of blue, yellow and brown colour to distinguish easily between the different types of waste to recycle.

•    Vertical grooves avoid fixing stickers on it;
•    Resistance against hits and deformations;
•    Limited opening prevents leaving bulky waste on it;
•    Lock which avoids the manipulation by persons who are not part of the service people.

Functional benefits:
•    Convex rounded cover prevents inflow of rain water;
•    Easy emptying
•    Material 100% recyclable