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Technical information:


    198 x 68 x 240 cm.
  • Recommended age

    Use recommended for youths and adults or users with stature over 1400mm.
  • Free fall height

    130 cm.
  • Safety area

    16,40 m²


*Material: Cold galvanized steel, powder-coated

Certificate EN-16630:2015


FUNCTION: Challenging exercise for strength and coordination in which is involved the musculature of the upper hemisphere of the body. Strengthens torso muscles, upper arms and forearms.

USE: Place yourself hanging with the hands on the bars of one extreme. With the aid of corporal balance, extend one of your arms until you reach the following bar of the snake ladder. Repeat this movement alternating the arms and completing the route. The bars’ curved semicircular form allows different hand positions and allows also to advance forwards or to advance sidewards, even crossing the arms.