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Technical information:


    300 x 200 x 130 cm.


*Posts and crossbar: Aluminium, powder-coated
*Support frame: Steel tube, zinc-coated
*Net: Nylon


Goal frame made of aluminium of square profile 80x80mm, assembled with inner metal angles, polyester painted. Regulatory dimensions of the goal 3x2m. Goal designed and produced according to the European norm UNE-EN 749:2004 for handball and futsal/soccer goals.

Fixed arcs. Base structure made of steel tube Ø50x2mm, superior part of the net hangers made of steel tube Ø35mm. Net including. System for positioning the net on the frame with polyamide hooks that allow individual positioning without needing to unmount the whole goal in case of replacement of the net.

In order to avoid the risk of tilting, every goal has to be fixed on the ground. The goal is provided with lateral anchor plates for fixation on the ground by surface mounting.

Optional available installable with 40cm prolonged front post and ground sockets (ask for quotation).