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Technical information:

    15 x 4m. Regular dimensions for National Championships and International Competitions.

    Petanque court in compliance with the “Official Rules for the Sport of Pétanque” (2017) as per FEP (Federación Española de Petanca) and F.I.P.J.P (Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu provençal).


    1500 x 400 x 40 cm.


* Structure: Autoclave treated pinewood


Enclosure with the regular dimensions of 15m length x 4m width made of autoclave treated Swedish pinewood of square or rectangular section shape and around 40cm height, inside of which can be practised the sport of Petanque.


Petanque is played on any surface. However, for the purpose of convenience in playing it is recommended the use of a compact sand soil. To obtain an optimal playing surface take away a layer of 20-25cm. Put 5cm of coarse gravel, level and compact. Place a geotextile mat that prevents the spreading of weed but allows the rainwater drainage. Add another layer of 15cm of gravel and compact. Cover it with a layer of sand, moisten the soil and compact it again.