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Technical information:


    109 x 47,4 x 139 cm.
  • Recommended age

    Use recommended for youths and adults or users with stature over 1400 mm.
  • Free fall height

    35 cm.
  • Safety area

    12,27 m²


*Structure: Steel, zinc-plated and double layer of powder-coating, oven cured 

*Footrests: Steel, zinc-plated and powder-coated

*Anchor coverage: Aluminium

*Screws: Stainless and galvanised steel, anti-rust paint

Certificate EN-16630


Outdoor training element made of structure of zinc-plated steel with double layer of powder-coating oven-cured. Central post of steel tube Ø140x3mm. Movable parts of steel tube Ø60x2,75mm. Equipped inside with elastic stoppers to delimit the movement’s amplitude.
Element for concrete installation according to EN16630. Perfect for urban gyms at public parks.

FUNCTION: Strengthens the leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings and calves) and gluteals. Improves the mobility, the coordination and the cardiorespiratory endurance.

USE: Hold with both hand on the bar and rise on the footboards. Before starting ensure to keep a balanced position. Keeping the back straight, move one leg forward and at the same time move the other leg back. Alternate the legs in a regular frequency, like running.
Let your legs oscillate in a natural way. You can regulate the effort adjusting the amplitude and the frequency of the oscillating movement. Realise several series of some minutes.

PRECAUTION: Consult your doctor before realising this exercise. Avoid excessive force when using this equipment.