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Technical information:


    195 x 56,2 x 159 cm.
  • Recommended age

    Use recommended for youths and adults or users with stature over 1400 mm.
  • Free fall height

    0 cm.
  • Safety area

    15,70 m²


*Structure: Steel, zinc-plated and double layer of powder-coating, oven cured

*Anchor coverage: Aluminium

*Screws: Stainless and galvanised steel

Certificate EN-16630


Outdoor training element with two parallel bar training stations made of structure of zinc-plated steel with double layer of powder-coating oven-cured. Central post of steel tube Ø140x3mm. Tube of parallel bars of Ø42x2,5mm. Element for concrete installation according to EN16630. Perfect for urban gyms at public parks.

FUNCTION: Strengthens the muscles of the upper part of the body, principally torso muscles, pectoral zone, back and arms.

USE: Place your hands on the two bars, raise your body and remain lifted from the ground. Only by flexion and extension of your arms, descend a bit, but without exceeding 90º of flexion of the elbows and then lift your body again. Realise several repetitions.

PRECAUTION: Consult your doctor before realising this exercise. Avoid excessive force when using this equipment.