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Technical information:


    191 x 293 x 261 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +6 years
  • Free fall height

    115 cm.
  • Safety area

    31,50 m²


*Structure: Steel, galvanized and powder-coated

*Base plate: Chequered aluminium plate

*Car for the wheelchair: Steel, galvanized and powder-coated

Certificate EN-1176


Wheelchair swing.
The wheelchair user can use the swing on his own without the help of another person: He can board on the swing’s car from the side by a ramp and put the swing in motion and decelerate it with the aid of a rope. In the swing’s car is enough space for another passenger.

ATTENTION! Please consider:
This wheelchair swing is only for designated use, this means, the swing should only be used by wheelchair users.
This swing is not a playground equipment for public spaces. Due to its weight and volumen, there is a high risk of injury, if its use is not appropriate. In order to guarantee the designated use, this wheelchair swing should not be installed in publicly accessible spaces, but only in restricted and supervised areas.