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NEST SWING’S SEAT (suspension ropes included)E040001119

Technical information:


    Ø120cm x 12cm.
  • Recommended age

    +3 years


*Ring: Steel wound with shock absorbing rope

*Webbing and suspension ropes: Armed rope of Ø16mm with steel core and multiple PP strings

of short links as per DIN766 with Ø 6mm.


Certificate EN-1176


Safety nest seat for swings. The inner steel ring proportions the seat’s rigidity. The wrapping with shock absorbing rope guarantees safety in case a child nears to a moving swing.
Nest seat of Ø120cm. Webbing of the seat and suspension ropes made of armed rope of Ø16mm. With chains of short links as per DIN766 of Ø6mm on the top end to adjust the suspension length and the free space to the ground in compliance with EN1176. According to EN1176 the swing’s structure must have a second suspension system for the nest seat.