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Technical information:

    Varying thickness according to the the free fall height (value H.I.C) of the installed elements, in accordance with EN1176, EN1177 and EN16630.


*Base layer 100% recycled black SBR rubber

*Surface layer Upon customer request, encapsulated SBR rubber, EPDM rubber, TPV thermoplastic vulcanizate

*Binding agent One component polyurethane resin

Certificate EN-1177


In-situ safety floor is jointless and consists of rubber granulate. It is composed of two defined rubber layers compounded with polyurethane resin. The elastic base layer is made of black recycled rubber. Its thickness depends on what fall height should be attenuated. Over this layer is installed another decorative and resistant layer with thickness 10mm of coloured rubber. The surface is granulated with porosity and non-slip in dry and wet conditions. A variety of colours allows realizing creative designs with forms and figures in the floor. The impact attenuation and high aesthetic makes in-situ safety floor ideal for children’s playgrounds.