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Technical information:

    Dimensions (slab): 50 x 50 x 4 cm.

    This hopscotch has to be integrated within a safety floor formed of slabs ref. PVJL33


    300 x 100 x 4 cm. (complete hopscotch)
  • Free fall height

    Critical fall height in compliance with certificate H.I.C.


* Material slab: Caoutchouc SBR, colour green

* Insertion number EPDM, colour yellow

Certificate EN-1177


Hopscotch composed of impact protection slabs of SBR with the numbers 1 – 8 in EPDM.
The safety slabs are certified according to European safety norm for playgrounds UNE-EN 1177:2009 relating to impact absorbing surfacing of playgrounds and the determination of the critical fall height.

The safety slabs are permeable to water in multiple directions in order to allow a correct drainage and their usage during rainy periods.
The safety slabs have to be installed above asphalt or concrete surfaces, which have to be clean and dry and provided with a evacuation system for rain water in order to avoid ponding below the surfacing.
The safety slab must not be cleaned with solvent or aggressive chemical agents. The surface can be cleaned by a smooth sweeping or pressure washer.
In case of detecting any deterioration that could affect users’ safety, correct maintenance is required in order to re-establish the necessary safety level. For this purpose, if necessary, have to be replaced the defective or deteriorated slabs.