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Technical information:

    Juming zone: 100 x 100 cm



    150 x 150 x 37,5 cm
  • Recommended age

    +3 years
  • Free fall height

    max 1m.
  • Safety area

    20,25 m²


* Structure: Hot-dip galvanized steel   

* Safety border: Impact protection slab of caoutchouc

* Juming surface: Synthetic moveable slats

Certificate EN-1176


Trampoline with metal structure of hot-dip galvanised steel and jumping surface formed by a grid built of moveable slats. The jumping surface is connected to the metal frame via springs. The frame is covered above by a border of impact protection slabs of caoutchouc. The trampoline is pre-mounted ready for installation.

To enable the periodic cleanup inside the trampoline below the jumping surface, the frame disposes of hinges allowing to fold it up. It is also possible with a special tool to uncouple the springs from the frame in order to get inside.


The wheelchair user has to be accompanied by another person. Fasten the wheelchairs seat belt to safeguard the wheelchair user. The accompanying person stays with his feet at the firm frame of the trampoline. The wheelchair enters on the jumping surface of the trampoline in a slightly leant backwards position like crossing a kerbstone. Set the brakes to lock the wheels. The accompanying person moves the wheelchair on the handles up and down to provoke little jumping movements.

The safety area around the jumping surface must be 1500m on each side. The impact protection slabs placed on the border of the trampoline are already considered as part of the safety zone, so that around the trampoline have to be taken into account additionally 1250mm on each side.
The surface of the safety area has to comply with the requirements as for a free fall height (H.I.C. value) ≥1000mm. Furthermore, the safety zone above the trampoline is 3500mm, being free from obstacles like trees, lamp poles or other devices.

Avoid doing somersaults and jumps with landing on the stomach or back.
Respect the number of users.
Do not eat or drink during the activity.
Do not wear jewellery or other things which could entangle in the trampoline.
Wear shoes without heels. Do not jump barefooted.