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Technical information:


    346 x 295 x 175 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +9 months
  • Free fall height

    100 cm. max.
  • Safety area

    26,60 m²


* Structure: Stainless steel
* Panels: HDPE (Polietileno de alta densidad) de 13 y 19 mm.
* Slides soles: Stainless steel 58cm
* Platform and steps: Contrachapado Fenólico Antideslizante 15 mm.

Certificate EN-1176


Modular playground combination conceived for PLAYING and EARLY STIMULATION of toddlers aged approx. 9 months to 4 years, with scenography of adorable eye-catching monsters which stimulate the imagination of the children while they develop their senses and orientation and get to know better their own body, strengthen their muscles and improve their coordination.

Structure of round tube Ø50mm of stainless steel, panels of high density polyethylene of thickness 13 and 19mm, platforms and steps of phenolic nonslip plywood of 15mm.

This playground combination is composed of four platforms at different level (highest platform 0,58m) which form two towers connected with each other through a flexible bridge with rigid handrails. Two platforms work as access stairs with its surface big enough to go upstairs crawling on all fours, which grants safety to the toddlers.
Furthermore, the structure contains:         
•    an inclined access ramp with climbing handles,
•    an inclusive slide of height 0,58m
•    many decorative panels with plenty of playful activities:
    - gear wheel discs to experiment cause-and-effect,
    - a turning disc with bull’s-eye window full of marbles to generate sounds,
    - colourful turning rolls,
    - a sinuous track with a moving part where the children can measure their body height and also improve their hand-eye coordination.
• a transition platform where children with wheelchairs may transfer from their wheelchair to the play structure. It’s equipped with diverse handles and protection bars in order to facilitate a lot of possibilities to hold on. The wide slide allows children with reduced mobility to slide down together with somebody else.

This playground equipment, respecting children’s short age, offers ideal conditions for potentizing their learning in a playful, enjoyable and safe ambience.