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Technical information:


    178 x 200 x 154 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +9 months
  • Free fall height

    12,5 cm.
  • Safety area

    21,50 m²


* Structure: Stainless steel
* Paneles: HDPE (High-density polyethylene) 13 and 19 mm
* Platform and roof: Phenolic nonslip plywood 15 mm
* Bull’s-eye window: Polycarbonate, break-proof
* Mirror: Polystyrene, break-proof

Certificate EN-1176


Playhouse conceived for PLAYING and EARLY STIMULATION of toddlers aged approx. 9 months to 4 years, with scenography of adorable monsters that stimulate the imagination of the children while they develop their tactile and visual senses, orientation and coordination and the socialization with other children.

Very safe and resistant structure, composed of square tubes of 50x50mm of stainless steel, high density polyethylene panels, ridge roof and platform of phenolic nonslip plywood.

The size of the playhouse is ideal for the age range. It’s an inviting place to hide out, explore and discover.
Three accesses allow the children to go in and out fluently. The main entrance is equipped with a ramp of very little increase. Both side entrances dispose of a small step so that the toddlers can repeat the up and down movement of the stair as often as desired until they acquire the confidence to dominate it totally.
Furthermore, the magic hide-out disposes of an ample window, a smaller viewing slot and two transparent bull’s-eye windows. Inside of the playhouse there’s a bench and also a mirror which promises much fun as well as it stimulates the development of the self-perception.
At both sides of the playhouse, accessible from the outside and the inside, there’s a labyrinth game in form of crevices on which can be moved pieces and improved the hand-eye coordination. The outside walls of the playhouse are equipped with a turning disk with spiral and with gear wheel discs to experiment cause-and-effect.

The magic hide-out holds plenty of playful activities which stimulate the senses of the children and foster their explorer enthusiasm. The playhouse, respecting children’s short age, offers ideal conditions for potentizing their learning in a playful, enjoyable and safe ambience.