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Technical information:


    58,8 x 33,3 x 96,5 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +3 years
  • Free fall height

    0 cm.
  • Safety area

    12,25 m²


*Structure: Galvanized steel

*Middle section: Steel (powder-coated)

*Steering wheel: Wood, finishing: clear coating

*Weight: 42 kg

Certificate EN-1176


How does it work?
Spin the wheel and the audio will play. There are many clips with exciting contents, you will (randomly) hear an audio clip full of experience.

There are 3 available models of the steering wheel: Airplane (JOC-80V1), Car (JOC-80V2) or Boat (JOC-80V3). All three of the steering wheel variants come with a USB stick with their own sound.
Always wanted to be a pilot? Sail the seas like a pirate? Experience the feeling of a driver in the cockpit? Hear the whale and the pirates. Or listen to the sounds of the racing car and the pitt stop. Use your imagination and créate your own stories.
Would you rather play your own sound on the USB stick? Then simply record your own MP3 file(s)!

These steering wheels can stand alone or are also very nice as an addition to an existing playset.

Human Powered
- No external power source                  - Audio
- Easily mountable                                  - Optional time lock
- User friendly                                          - Weatherproof
- Registration use                                    - Vandal resistant
- Durable                                                   - Safe