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Technical information:


    Ø34 x 17 cm..
  • Recommended age

    +1 year
  • Free fall height

    0 cm.
  • Safety area

    4,60 m²


*Outside casting: Powder-coated steel

*Iner construction: Galvanized steel


Colour and fragrance choices:

RAL 2008 (orange) - Orange

RAL 5020 (blue) - Fresh water

RAL 3020  (red) - Strawberry

RAL 6018 (green) - Nature

Certificate EN-1176


How does it work?
Spin to generate electricity. The Audiosense disposes of an USB port inwards. With the generated energy, Audiosense reproduces randomly the audio clips from its USB stick. It can be sound, stories or music, so everyone can sing along or dance like crazy.

Audiosense stimulates all your senses. Additional to AudioSense JOC-80AS1, Audiosense is equipped with a smell generator. It will be provided with one flavour you can choose out of our standard range.
You can also change it to any new smell you desire. When the flavour is consumed, its bag inside of the housing can easily be replaced.
In the meanwhile, or even if there’s no flavour bag in it, the audio continues without any problem.
Update the collection of songs and stories by replacing the USB stick.

Audiosense stimulates your senses and is great fun as stand-alone item, and also added to a play structure.

Human Powered
- No external power source                - Audio
- Easily mountable                                - Optional time lock
- User friendly                                        - Weatherproof
- Registration use                                  - Vandal resistant
- Durable                                                 - Safe