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Technical information:


    250 x 305 x 120 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +9 months
  • Free fall height

    15 cm.
  • Safety area

    15,50 m²


* Structure: Stainless steel

* Panel: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

* Tube: Polyethylene

Certificate EN-1176


Combination of activity panels and creep tube where little and great explorers may allow their curiosity full bent and don’t need to resist the temptation to touch everything.
The colourful equipment awakes the senses and explicitly invites to explore it with the hands (touch), sight and hearing.

The central element of this play combination is the creep tube that serves the children as a hiding place where they can retreat, share secrets or play tag and hide-and-seek. Creeping through the tunnel strengthens muscles and confidence.
Furthermore, we find a variety of playful activities:
  - gear wheel discs to experiment cause- and-effect
  - a turning disc with bull’s eye window full of marbles to generate sounds

- a turning disc with spiral,
  - colourful turning rolls,
  - cranks to roll giant eyes and create funny face expressions,

- mirrors which promise much fun as well as they stimulate the development of the self-perception,
  - a race track made of rails with moveable parts where the children may even realise small competitions. This circuit develops the hand-eye-coordination while playing.

The diversity of multi-sensorial experiences disposable at this play combination is ideal for EARLY STIMULATION. Likewise it’s an ACCESSIBLE and INCLUSIVE playground equipment as all the activities are located at an accessible height from the playground surface and are diverse.
Set in a zigzag it stimulates the curiosity and imagination. What will be round the corner?

Structure made of round tube Ø50mm of stainless steel. Large and richly coloured panels made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) type PlayTech, resistant to impacts, to frequent and exhaustive usage, to UV rays and to chemical agents, which allows easy graffiti elimination without damaging the surface. Colourfast. Creep tube made of glass fibre reinforced polyethylene.
Robust and durable materials with high flexural strength and weatherproofness. Galvanised screws hidden through bolt covers of nylon which inhibit the manipulation by the users.