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Technical information:


    493 x 315 x 134 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +1 year
  • Free fall height

    45,50 cm.
  • Safety area

    36,50 m2


* Springs Steel galvanized / powder-coated

* Platforms and benches Phenolic nonslip plywood

* Panels HDPE (High-density polyethylene) 13 and 19mm. 

Certificate EN-1176


Spread the wings
Themed playground structure in the shape of a giant dragon, perfect for role play.
Dragon MAX disposes of ample space to take numerous children on a journey to dreamland, whether on its back, on the wings or even sitting on its nose dangling the legs. With the movement of the springs, children will give wings to their imagination.
The easy front access of MAX’s nose together with the backrest and the handles enable children with reduced mobility to enjoy this seesaw. Likewise, the wings apart from being springboards are also open seesaws with easy access and the possibility to balance on them in a lying position or sitting with an accompanying person.
MAX is a play facility that fosters creativity, communication and socialization.
Floor platform and benches made of non-slip phenolic plywood are weatherproof thanks to its coating against moisture. Extensive HDPE panels, resistant to impacts, to frequent and exhaustive usage, to chemical agents, which allows graffiti elimination without damaging the surface and with UV protection. 6 non twinging springs guarantee absolute safety and a soft movement. Screws of galvanised steel. Bolt covers of nylon inhibit the manipulation by third parties.