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Technical information:


    40 x 36 x 43 cm. (c.u.)
  • Recommended age

    +3 years
  • Free fall height

    38,8 cm.
  • Safety area

    24 m²


* Structure: Laminated Swedish pinewood autoclave treated
* Platforms: Phenolic nonslip plywood 18 mm.

Certificate EN-1176


Balance pivots composed of structural post of laminated and autoclave treated Swedish pinewood with footstep platforms of phenolic nonslip plywood. The post are installed with bottom sleeves for anchoring which are made of hot-dip galvanised steel and avoid the direct contact of possible soil humidity with the wooden post.

Playground equipment for balance games. Installed with small interspaces, the children can pass from one pivot to the next without descending to the ground and exercise their balance and coordination while playing. The pivots may be installed forming a straight or curved line (imitating a bridge or bolders in a river), a zigzag form or arranged in a group, according to the request for each playground.