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Technical information:


    450 x 102 x 222 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +1 year
  • Free fall height

    110 cm.
  • Safety area

    28 m²


* Structure: Hot-dip galvanized steel

* Ropes: Armed rope with steel core and multiple polypropylene strings

* Platforms: Phenolic nonslip plywood 18 mm.   


Balance and climbing structure formed by two arches made of hot-dip galvanized steel tube of diameter 11,4cm. The arch bridge disposes on each side of a climbing red of vandal-proof armed ropes. From these ropes are suspended eight platforms that build the footbridge. Thanks to the ropes, the passage is semi-flexible. The arch bridge design with wave shaped platforms insinuates crossing a creek.

In addition of role and adventure playing, the bridge invites to explore different manners to traverse: Crossing the bridge on foot without the use of the hands and so training the balance; climbing laterally on the outside from platform to platform only with the help of the vertical ropes as if climbing in a high rope course; creeping underneath; and so forth. The children develop creativity to put to the test their motor skills.