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Technical information:



    1260 x 1030 x 432 cm.
  • Recommended age

    +3 years
  • Free fall height

    150-250 cm.
  • Safety area

    146 m²


*Structure: Laminated Swedish pinewood autoclave treated

*Panels: HDPE (High-density polyethylene) 13 and 19 mm.

*Sliding soles: Glass-fibre reinforced polyester: straight tube 250cm + tube helical 190 cm. Polyethylene 90 cm.

*Platforms and steps: Phenolic nonslip plywood 15 and 18 mm.

*Bars: Stainless steel

Certificate EN-1176


Design inspired by a medieval castle. This play structure is composed of a platform that configures as principal entrance in form of a draw bridge and 4 high two-storey towers with exterior wall dimensions 1,90m x 1,90m each of them. The four towers are connected to each other by several platforms and rigid passages, fixed bridge, tubular passage and a suspension rope bridge. The platforms are located at different heights from 0,38m to 2,50m.

The principal access into the castle can be realised at the frontage over the above mentioned draw bridge which connects the outside with the inside courtyard of the castle. There are other accesses namely below the different passages and bridges connecting the castle towers.

Along the structure we find all kind of play facilities: vertical and inclined stairs and ladders, ramps, a dungeon (playhouse below a tower) with benches and porthole to escape, perforated climbing panels, inclined climbing net, fireman’s pole, secret passages, labyrinths, colour roulettes, a straight slide of height 0,90m, a helical tube slide of height 1,90m and a straight tube slide of height 2,50m. Furthermore, the play structure disposes of elements for the ambience: pinnacles, flagpole, observations slits, arcades, look-out towers, etc.

While playing with this castle a multitude of different activities can be practised and socialization and imagination are reinforced. Everything is protected by safety barriers and colourful panels. The structure offers complete stability and safety. Emblem customizable with engraving.