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Technical information:

    Structural posts of aluminium profile, using alloy EN-AW6063, with thermal treatment T5 and anodized with quality seal “QUALANOD”. Its key features are lightness, aesthetics and low maintenance. The low weight facilitates the assembly, transport and installation of the playground equipment. The complexity of the extruded profile provides stability. The surface is high-quality, completely smooth and corrosion-resistant. Ecological benefit: the aluminium posts are produced in Spain, contain 25% recycled material and are 100% recyclable at the end of the useful life.

  • Free fall height

    130 cm. - 150 cm.


JOC-61B_ALU Combination "Star" with climbing frame, PE slide
JOC-61B1_ALU Combination "Star" without climbing frame, PE slide
JOC-61BA_ALU Combination "Star" with climbing frame, slide of stainless steel
JOC-61B1A_ALU Combination "Star" without climbing frame, slide of stainless steel
JOC-62-11_ALU Playhouse "open door", PE slide
JOC-62-11A_ALU Playhouse "open door", slide of stainless steel
JOC-60_ALU Combination "The tower"
JOC-60A_ALU Combination "The tower" with swing
JOC-60B_ALU Combination "The tower" with climbing frame
JOC-60C_ALU Combination "The tower" with climbing frame and swing
JOC-61E_ALU Combination "The Pine"
JOC-61J_ALU Combination "The Pine" with swing
JOC-61F_ALU Combination "The Pine" with climbing frame
JOC-61K_ALU Combination "The Pine" with climbing frame and swing
JOC-61D_ALU Combination "Continental"
JOC-61H_ALU Combination "Holm Oak"
JOC-61G1_ALU Combination "Alpine"


Certificate EN-1176


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