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Spinning exercise bikes for outdoor gyms

Spinning exercise bikes for outdoor gyms
  • 27 Apr 2018

We encourage you to do exercise … and we make it easy for you!

We take the indoor fitness centre outside and convert it into an urban gym. Into a real gym with spinning exercise bikes and elliptical cross trainers for outdoor parks.

3D of spinning bike and elliptical cross training machine for urban gyms made in Spain 

spinning exercise bike and elliptical cross trainer for outdoor gyms


Outdoor fitness equipment, which is always available and without having to pay a periodical contribution, is very popular. But compared to the typical imported outdoor fitness elements of doubtful functional ability, Mobipark’s outdoor exercise equipment for urban parks is inspired by efficient indoor fitness machines,- highly developed and really functional.

The innovation in our outdoor training machines are elastic units in their articulations,- fact that intensifies the resistance corresponding to the larger amplification of the movement until coming to a self-actuating slowdown with rebound effect when reaching the maximum amplitude of the machine.

The advancement of the elements with elastic units is favourable for the realisation of the exercises and helps avoiding injuries.


park with fitness equipment and exercise cage for Crossfit, Street workout and calisthenics

At each of Mobipark’s outdoor training machines you’ll find an explication about the function and detailed instructions for use. Moreover, Mobipark’s outdoor fitness elements dispose of a QR code.

If you scan the QR code with your smartphone, it will link to the explanatory video where you’re shown how to realise the exercise correctly. Like a personal trainer!

QR code with explanatory video to do fitness exercises correctly

Mobipark’s outdoor exercise equipment doesn’t have any limitations upwards in matters of age and are suitable for an efficient training at any fitness level.


Example of explanatory video of Mobipark’s stationary cycling machine


Stationary cycling machines for outdoor cardio training

diverse outdoor gym equipment: spinning bike, superior press and chest press

You can choose between a variety of training equipment and exercises:

Leg press, chest press, stepper, runner, surfer, adductor and abductor machine, elliptical cross trainer, etc.

Beyond doubt, the innovation are the outdoor cardio machines:

We offer you even a spinning bike for outdoor gyms!

diverse outdoor gym equipment: leg press, adductor abductor training machine and stepper

Your benefits are the improvement of your strength, mobility, agility, balance, cardiorespiratory endurance and much more, also the health benefits of the sun thanks to be outdoors.

 urban gym with fitness elements to do exercises and stretching

Our stationary cycling and other fitness equipment of urban gym product range combine perfectly with Mobipark Trainingbox product range for Crossfit training, Street Workout and calisthenics.

 3D of fitness machines, exercise cage and complementary elements for crossfit training, Street workout and calisthenics 

Mobipark’s outdoor fitness elements are PRODUCED entirely IN SPAIN.

The resistant structures are made of galvanised steel with powder coating and completed by HDPE panels.

These are durable materials for low maintenance, vandal- and weather-proof, optimal for outdoor gyms, public parks, green spaces and beaches.

Are elements are homologated and with certification in compliance with the valid standards for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment, UNE-EN 16630.

Choosing Mobipark, you have the assurance to get safe and quality goods.


streching on outdoor fitness equipment 

Come on and get exercise, you’ll feel good!



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