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  • 20 Apr 2018

CEIP MAGERIT school of Parla acquired Mobipark playground elements for its schoolyard. They opted for a slide of ZOOPARK product line for playgrounds and for two inclusive activity panels.

Extra large ZOOPARK slide “The Snake” represents the head of an enormous snake. Its tongue is formed by a curved sliding sole of height 1,30m. Its fancy design stimulates the children’s imagination. Thanks to its big size, many children can play at the same time which increments fun and social skills.

The design of ZOOPARK collection deals in all of its playground devices with scenography of different oversized animals and natural elements. Mobipark won with this playground line the AFAMOUR design award for innovative children’s playgrounds.

For the production of ZOOPARK playground equipment are utilised stainless steel and attractive colourful PLAYTECH panels of HDPE (high density polyethylene) that are resistant to impacts, frequent and exhaustive usage, UV rays and chemical agents, which allows graffiti elimination without damaging the surface. Mobipark vandal-proof playgrounds result in low maintenance with regard to materials,- it is only required to realise the playground maintenance in accordance with the requirements of playground safety norm EN1176.

At an accessible height for children with reduced mobility have been installed two inclusive playground items at CEIP MAGERIT’s schoolyard. Both activity panels are made of a structure of laminated autoclave treated wood.


At Activity panel “Labyrinth”, the children can move pieces on rails and so train their eye-hand coordination and the ambidextrous fine motor skills.


“3-in-a-row” is a fun and classic game. The activity panel disposes of 9 revolving cylinders with the symbols X and O. It is attractive for toddlers who enjoy spinning the cylinders, and for a bit elder children who playfully develop their strategic thinking and acting.

The inclusive play panels can be installed individually or forming bigger modular combinations. They are suitable for schools, public playgrounds and also for senior citizens residences as they stimulate the activity.



Our playgrounds are winner of design award