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Do you know how many different urban slides there are?

Do you know how many different urban slides there are?
  • 25 Jun 2019

Kids have a lot of fun while sliding.

When the children grow older, the higher and the faster are urban slides, the better.


familia jugando en tobogán urbano infantil niños jugando en parque infantil con tobogán urbano


What are the different kinds of urban slides?


Urban slides are distinguished by their type of structure. What they have in common is their installation in public spaces. They are freely accessible and that’s why they have to meet standards of quality and safety in order not to endanger the health of the users.

Classic urban slides are FREE-STANDING SLIDES with the access separately from any other structure, directly from the ground by a ladder or by stairs.

As they require low space, they can be set up in any place where’s requested a children’s playground.

tobogán urbano instalado en césped  tobogán urbano en plaza

Free-standing urban slides


THEMED urban slides inspire the children’s imagination.

tobogán urbano con forma de serpiente  niño pequeño jugando en tobogán urbano

Themed urban slides


ATTACHMENT SLIDES require more space because they’re part of a multi-activity play structure. Access is possible traversing other parts of the play structure as for example platforms, bridges or climbing nets. There are a variety of attachment slides: attachment slides of different heights, open slides or tunnel slides, straight slides, curved slides or helical slides.

 estructura castillo con toboganes urbanos  torre infantil con tobogán urbano

niñas jugando en tobogán urbano helicoidal  niños jugando en toboganes urbanos de zoopark

Attachment slides as part of play structures


INCLUSIVE SLIDES foster in a natural way the interaction between children without and with disabilities.

Mobipark’s inclusive slide is low-rise and wider than a usual slide in order to allow children with reduced mobility to slide down together with somebody else, with another child or with an accompanying person. The access to the inclusive slide is given via a transition platform where wheelchair users may transfer from their wheelchair to the play structure. The transition platform is equipped with diverse handles and protection bars in order to facilitate a lot of possibilities to hold on.


estructura monsters con tobogán urbano inclusivo

Inclusive slide Mobipark


URBAN EMBANKMENT SLIDES are installed regardless of free-standing stairs or a multi-activity play structure directly on a hill or an embankment where they’re INTEGRATED IN THE SURFACE.

Urban embankment slides are on the rise. This is a positive trend because play facilities are not located any longer only at playgrounds dissociated from the community, but the play facility and thus happiness is brought to public spaces.


toboganes urbanos de ladera

toboganes urbanos de ladera de acero  toboganes urbanos de ladera en polietileno

Urban embankment slides


Safe urban slides

It’s of great importance that urban play facilities do not present any risk for the users.

Play facilities that are integrated in urban spaces are urban elements, but they are still play facilities and, moreover, they’re freely accessible. To avert health risks and to prevent later retrofitting, or in the worst case, the closing of the integrated play facility, we would like to invite vanguard architects, engineers, urban planners and landscape designers who consider integrating play facilities in projects to count on the assistance and the knowledge of the children’s playgrounds manufacturers.

From Mobipark, we would like to offer you our support and experience. Without commitment, we’ll inform you about all special requirements for urban slides and play structure so that your project can be realised successfully.




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