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ALU mazing ! New: Play structures in aluminium

ALU mazing ! New: Play structures in aluminium
  • 06 Aug 2020

Are you looking for playground equipment of LOW MAINTENANCE which also ensures LONG LIFETIME?

Then you’ll love Mobipark’s play structures in aluminium!

The materials employed for the production of our playground equipment are of high quality and strong resistance. We use structural posts of aluminium profile with alloy EN-AW6063, thermal treatment T5 and anodized finishing with quality seal “QUALANOD”.

At the same time the play structures are low maintenance (only the required one by EN1176 standards), they meet high requirements in terms of functionality, safety and long lifetime.






In addition to play structures of wood or of stainless steel, we also produce practically the whole range of playground equipment with structural posts of aluminium profile.

Available with aluminium structure are Seesaws, Swings, Playhouses, Climbing and Balance structures, Inclusive playground equipment, Towers and multi-activity play structures.




What are the ADVANTAGES of Mobipark’s playground equipment in aluminium?

The key features of the structures produced in aluminium are lightness, aesthetics and low maintenance.

The low weight facilitates the assembly, transport and installation.

The complexity of the extruded profile provides stability to the playground equipment.

The surface is high-quality, completely smooth and corrosion-resistant.

Ecological benefits:

The aluminium posts are from domestic manufacture.

According to the principles of sustainable management and the circular economy, for the production of the posts can be used prime material up to 25% from recycling.

At the end of the useful life, it is 100% recyclable.


ALUmazing and unlimited

No matter which space you have at your disposal, we produce play structures in aluminium from small to very large. You can choose precisely what you need for your playing area.


In compliance with Quality ISO 9001 standard, Environmental ISO 14001 standard and

product certificates as per European safety norm EN 1176 accredited by ENAC.

Take advantage of the benefits!





Our playgrounds are winner of design award